Michael B. Maine

Between the Frames | Socially engaged artist, Michael B. Maine, shares his story of learning how some of the most important moments occur when he puts down the camera. His process of working with clients and subjects is a slow one intended to build strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect and appreciation. His goal is to bring people together with shared experiences that allow each person to not only recognize the humanity in “the other” but to love and celebrate our differences.

Michael's work is intended to bring people together who might not normally share intimate time and space. His goal is to both illuminate the things we have in common and celebrate our differences while exploring issues of identity, belonging, isolation, deviance, kindness, and oppression. The medium he uses most is photography supplemented with interviews, community events, and transmedia storytelling, distribution, and collaboration. He describes himself as someone who newly identifies with being an artist. Although his path has taken several turns to find his passions, his set of experiences have positioned him to be able to serve as a bridge between several different communities. This informs much of his inspiration and the approaches he takes with his work. Learn more about Michael and his work at www.michaelbmaine.com.