Meg Martin

Screen Them In | The winter of 2012 brought about a call to action to defend the lives of vulnerable people living on the streets of Olympia. Meg and a small team created a concept for a shelter and urged the city to listen. They opened the shelter doors on November 1, 2014 in the center of downtown. When we are able to find the vulnerability within ourselves, the challenges others face become closer than we may think.

Meg is an outreach worker, advocate, social worker, musician, aunt, and Program Director of the Interfaith Works Emergency Overnight Shelter (IWEOS) in Olympia. Meg worked closely with the street community for 7 years in downtown Olympia as an outreach worker with the Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project and created, with two passionate friends, the concept for the IWEOS that opened November 1, 2014 at First Christian Church. The IWEOS is an overnight shelter for highly vulnerable single adults and couples without dependent children, operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year. IWEOS's mission is to advance the social inclusion and empowerment of the homeless community through innovative practices of sheltering, mental health and emergency basic needs coordination. In her free time Meg listens to records, plays in bands, dreams big about the possibilities, thinks about gardening—but never really gets to it—and eats tons of veggies.