TEDxOlympia 2015 talks and performances now available online. Enjoy!

We’ve all been there: the point of no return. Sometimes it’s set in motion by circumstances outside our control and at other times, we initiate. Whether it happened in a flash or played out over several years, one thing is certain: the world as we know it has shifted. What ideas, perspectives and innovations were uncovered and how are they shaping our lives? The theme of TEDxOlympia 2015 was Point of No Return. Our talks and performances explored what unfolds when we realize there’s no turning back—and the surprises we discover before, during and after that threshold. Over 900 people joined us for a full day of ideas, performances and connection. Thank you for sharing this inspiring community experience and helping us build an annual tradition.

Real Time Captioning: We offered RTC for attendees with hearing loss. The web-based service was accessible with a Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2015

Venue: The Washington Center for the Performing Arts Main Stage
512 Washington Street SE, Olympia, WA

Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Visit the coffee bar in the lobby or grab a fresh squeezed juice. Visit display tables and talk with staff from local organizations and businesses. Scope out your seats!

OPENING SESSION | 10:00 – 10:10
Take your seats early. No late seating during the Opening Session.

SESSION 1 | 10:10 – 11:30
Max Brown | What are you willing to give up?
Daniel Cherniske | Aquaponics: Maintaining our Ecosystems and Inspiring Change
Diane Whalen | Stepping Forward into Priesthood
Madeline Poultridge | How to Talk to Your Dad: Turning Conflict into Conversation Pre-recorded TED Talk - Margaret Heffernan | Dare to Disagree
Debbie Lacy | In Search of Purpose and Lunch

LUNCH BREAK | 11:30 – 1:30
Exit the theater and enjoy your own lunch downtown. Lobby (with coffee bar, fresh juice bar, snacks and displays) remains open during lunch. Seating re-opens at 1:00. No late seating during the first performance in Session 2.

SESSION 2 | 1:30 – 3:00
Sara Sparrow | Wee Small (An Excerpt)
Chris Maynard | A World in a Feather
Pre-recorded TED Talk - Alice Goffman | How We're Priming Some Kids...
Video - Zachary Johnson, Chuck e. Costa + Mira Stanley | Waiting
Michael B. Maine | Between the Frames
Pre-recorded TED Talk - Mark Bezos | Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter
Russell Kolts | Anger, Compassion, and What It Means to be Strong

INTERMISSION | 3:00 – 3:30
Connect with others in the lobby. Grab coffee, juice and snacks. Visit display tables and talk with staff from local organizations and businesses. No late seating during first performance in Session 3.

SESSION 3 | 3:30 – 4:35
Maggie Neatherlin & Her One-Man Orchestra
Video - Lorne Resnick | Cuba: This Moment, Exactly So
Meg Martin | Screen Them In
Keith Edgerton | The Gift
Stacy Flynn | Clothing Will Save Us

Join the team, speakers and performers in the lobby before the reception.

RECEPTION | 5:00 – 6:30
All age reception immediately following in the Black Box for event + reception ticket holders. Catered by Nineveh, OlyKraut, Boulay Wine Company and Fish Brewing Company.

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